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Functional Medicine, unlike conventional medicine, seeks to identify and address the root causes of disease. Functional Medicine goes beyond the superficial symptoms and treats the whole body as one integrated system to find the underlying cause of the symptom or symptoms. 

The Functional Medicine model is individualized by each patient and it empowers both the patient and practitioner to work together to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness. It requires a detailed understanding of each patient’s genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors and leverages that data to direct personalized treatment plans that lead to improved patient outcomes.

By addressing root cause, rather than symptoms, practitioners become oriented to identifying the complexity of disease. They may find one condition has many different causes and, likewise, one cause may result in many different conditions. As a result, Functional Medicine treatment targets the specific manifestations of disease in each individual.

Our goal, at Spatologie, is to provide a road map to help you navigate through health problems at the root of the problem. Our mission is to address the cause of the symptoms and address the disease. Optimum health is what we strive for when it comes to you.  

Dr. Paul Dell’Aquila has been a practicing physician for over 27 years in Internal Medicine. Dr. Dell’Aquila's education was furthered by obtaining an Advanced Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine. He has also received a Masters of Science in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine. Dr. Dell’Aquila is a Diplomat of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Dell’Aquila is an expert in knowledge of traditional medicine, and evidence-based alternative methods for prevention, early detection and reversal of diseases. Dr. Dell’Aquila believes in individualized care and finding the root cause of a clients symptoms rather than prescribing medication for the symptoms.



These symptoms or diseases could mean you have additional underlying causes that could be affecting your over all health

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Leaky Gut
  • Fatigue
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Mental Illness
  • Brain Fog
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Weight Gain
  • Lyme Disease
  • Neurological Conditions
  • Thyroid Issues
  • Celiac Disease

Focus on "Leaky Gut"


You may have heard about “leaky gut” and wondered what’s all the talk about...

Under normal, healthy conditions the lining of the gut is selectively permeable and impermeable to certain bacterial components and proteins among other gut related matter. 

Well, pay attention because studies show that a leaky gut is an absolute predisposition to reactions that activate the production of inflammatory chemicals in the body. Under normal, healthy conditions the lining of the gut is selectively permeable and impermeable to certain bacterial components and proteins among other gut related matter.  

When the integrity of the gut is challenged through various means, such as stress, diet, or toxins the gut becomes permeable and impermeable to the wrong matter and inflammation occurs. Once inflammation occurs, a plethora of human degenerative conditions can occur. Diseases including Multiple Sclerosis, cancer, coronary artery disease, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and much more can be triggered from a leaky gut and inflammation. 

Maintaining gut wall integrity and reducing inflammation in the body are key to discovering and healing the root cause of each patients we see at Spatologie.  

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