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The Spatologie Team incorporates a customized and tailored plan through our anti-aging knowledge that can help you truly find a weight loss solution that works for you not only to achieve your immediate goals in terms of looks but that will help you to keep it off and continue looking and feeling your best.   Weight gain can occur as a result of unhealthy diet and inactive lifestyle but can also be due to sub-optimal thyroid function, hormonal changes from menopause or andropause, abnormal cortisol levels due to stress, exposure to toxins which can slow down your metabolism and so much more. Treatment can include our very effective HCG Weight Loss Program and/or vitamin, mineral and nutrition evaluation and subsequent Vitamin Infusion Therapy, appetite suppressants and natural supplements as well as Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) and the right diet advice for your individual body type and metabolism. We evaluate the current health status of an individual and devise weight loss programs that suit his or her body type and personality.  Achieving long term weight loss and staying looking your best doesn’t just rely on restricting what you eat and fighting that constant battle. We can help you change the way you think about food, and provide an array of solutions that will help to optimize your metabolism, help prevent cravings and make sure that you get the nutrition you need while crafting your ideal body.


Spatologie HCG Weight Loss Program

If you are reading this, you have probably already realized that you need an experienced weight loss expert to help you reach your goals and maximize your results.  Our practice has implemented a very successful weight loss program using HCG, also known as human chorionic gonadatropin or the “pregnancy hormone.”  Using a daily, virtually painless injection along with a calorie restricted diet and exercise regimen, The Spatologie Team has  helped hundreds of people lose weight and what’s more importantly, become happier and healthier.  Unlike many fad diet plans which don’t provide a lasting solution and really don’t work in a meaningful way, we counsel each one of our patients and empower them to continue on a path of healthy living. We pride ourselves in providing each one of our clients with individualized weight maintenance plans which incorporate each persons medical history.

Depending on your weight loss goals will determine the amount of time you are on our HCG program.  We schedule weekly appointments during which time you will meet with our program director that monitors your progress and makes adjustments accordingly.  Most HCG dieters report a loss of 1+ lbs. per day! Most individuals lose the most in the very first week, up to 10 pounds!

Patient Testimonial on HCG Diet


Weight Loss and Maintenance Through Ketogenics

What is a ketogenic diet?

A ketogenic diet is a very low-carbohydrate way of eating that delivers moderate amounts of high-quality dietary protein and high amounts of healthy dietary fat.  This reduction in carbohydrate intake helps the body shift toward a state that promotes the breakdown of fats (from the diet and your body) to produce ketone bodies and enter a state known as “ketosis”.

When following a ketogenic diet, your brain, as well as other organs, depends on ketones as an energy source.  ketones are produced in the body once you have reached a state of ketosis and can be measured in the blood and urine to ensure that you stay in ketosis during the Keto diet.  

Benefits of the ketogenic diet:

Mental focus

Blood sugar management

Weight loss

Increased energy

Cardiovascular and metabolic health

Spatologie offers the Ketogenic diet as an option for weight loss.  Make your appointment today and find out more about how you can get started.

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