Toxicity Evaluations

Toxins are everywhere in our environment today and they can have a major impact on all aspects of our health including our looks, increased risk for chronic disease and dramatically increase the aging process without us knowing their effects. That’s why our practice offers comprehensive toxicity screening and evaluations to help you fight against toxins and improve your well-being.

Toxins come in many forms such as airborne chemicals, pollution, food additives or preservatives, and heavy metals. We come into contact with them continuously throughout the day from our environment, our work place, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and even the medications and supplements we take to keep us healthy. The CDC has said that we come into contact with over 50,000 chemicals on a daily basis. These chemicals and toxins may not be visible to us and in many cases the symptoms are subtle until they reach toxic levels which can cause major damage. Some toxicities may cause exterior rashes though others are busy destroying our bodies on a cellular level. Evaluation of toxicity in the body is extremely crucial.

Toxins can wreak havoc on us physically and mentally, making us feel ill, tired and run down, as well as, causing weight gain and serious medical issues and weaken our immune system. The only way to really see what damage is being done and what you can do to cleanse your body on your individual circumstances is to take advantage of a toxicity evaluation. Toxicity evaluation and treatment can help you get on the right road to a healthier and much more energetic you!

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