Nutritional Evaluations

There is much that can be done externally to reduce the physical signs of aging, however, looking and feeling great really starts from the inside with the right nutrition. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the foods we eat do not nourish us with the adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals which are necessary for a healthy body and mind. Due to an increasing number of people suffering from food sensitivities, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Celiac Disease, as well as, those individuals after gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or gastric band surgeries, the number of people at higher risk for problems with nutritional absoption also grows.

Infusion therapy is also beneficial for those suffering from migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, auto-immune disorders, asthma, and arthritis. Anyone can benefit from this therapy, even healthy people, especially athletes as a natural performance enhancer, as well as high-level executives, individuals under constant stress to help support their ability to function better or the average person who wants to feel good and energized. A strong and healthy foundation of nutrition can go a long way to prevent many health issues and keep you running and feeling your best. Supplementation with intravenous vitamin and mineral infusions can be an adjunt therapy to maximize your health or to bring you back to optimal health.

We all know that we should be eating right and most of us have a good idea of what that looks like. However, sometimes we just can’t get all the nutrients and vitamins we need through our food and over the counter vitamins and supplements.  This can become overwhelming and confusing without the proper knowledge of products. To make the guessing game easier, we use specialized laboratories that can accurately test each person’s individual nutritional deficiencies and needs so the right blends and doses of vitamins can be made to your specific needs.

Vitamin and mineral infusion therapy complements your daily supplement intake and helps make sure that you feel recharged and will help to keep your body and mind feel young and healthy, as well as, give your immune system a great boost. This type of therapy is a great choice for those considering other anti-aging remedies such as hormone replacement therapy, detoxification or weight loss.
Exactly what combination of vitamin and mineral infusion therapy is ideal for you really depends your personal needs and is determined during a thorough consultation. Our infusions vary, but most contain Vitamin C and B vitamins.
The best thing you can do is schedule a consultation with our metabolic and functional medicine experts and find out specifically what they can do for you.