Vampire Facelift

Vampire Facelift


Vampire Facelift

$1900 NOW – $1700
Includes 1 syringe of Filler

Vampire Facial – $350

Vampire Facelift & Facial

$2200 NOW – $1900

Offer ends October 31st.

The Vampire Facelift involves the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. We use the client’s own platelets, which contains our body’s own naturally-healing properties and growth factors to help rejuvenate and regenerate new skin cell formation and provide an overall more youthful appearance. During the Vampire facelift consultation, we look at the specific areas of concern which may require direct placement of PRP to either replenish volume loss, treat scar formation, improve the appearance of dark circles and aid in wrinkle reduction. PRP therapy will then trigger a “Domino effect” which will in turn help reverse the signs of aging and these improvements are progressively seen as the days go on and results can last up to a year. We also incorporate the use of cosmetic fillers to enhance results where needed.

Beautiful female bodyThe Vampire Facial also incorporates the use of PRP therapy but in this procedure, the plasma is not injected directly into the skin but rather it is carefully applied on the surface of the skin and a micro-needling tool is used to help with the penetration and absorption of growth factors into the skin. This method of controlled trauma allows the plasma to work its “magic” and stimulate skin rejuvenation as well as improve texture, appearance of wrinkles and small broken capillaries as well as large pores and the overall appearance of the areas being treated. Although it is called a facial, this treatment can be performed on other areas of concern such the décolletage, chest, hands and even back.